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Adventures in Wonderland (cross-posted)

Lewis Carroll took me by the hand as we traipsed through the flooded room. I plopped into a plush and shallow armchair, as he sloshed to an adjacent seat perched in the water. He stuffed the letter I had written for him into a bottle and tossed it into the “sea.” After it thudded violently into the wall, he looked forlornly at me, and I at him. The silence was broken by a door opening: a nurse extending a tray. The man stood up, grabbing the contents. “These are for you” he said, handing me a drink and a piece of an acrostic poem. They both left me, alone, sitting in silence and listening to the echos of dripping. Minutes later, another nurse escorted me out into the main hall.

That’s how Then She Fell ends, at least that’s how it did last night. The immersive performance is based on Alice in Wonderland, as well as the real life mythos behind the author and it’s inspiration, Alice Liddell. The production is put on by Third Rail Projects, and by popular demand, the show has been extended into next year (albeit they may move locations.)

Taking place in the old Greepoint Hospital, you enter through the downstairs courtyard and are admitted by a nurse. You and a small party of 14 others are given a set of skeleton keys and your first drink of the night. As you rummage through artifacts of the Kingsland Ward like patient records and unanswered postcards the night begins, individuals and small groups are ushered to different areas. 

You piece together the story of Then She Fell yourself as you explore rooms, unlocking drawers and voyeuristically intruding on violent and intimate situations between characters. Like myself, you may find yourself totally separated from your party to drink a bottled elixer with Alice, and later on be reunited in a topsy turvy (and amazingly choreographed) Tea Party with the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and both Red and White Queens. Your experience becomes daunting, haunting, thrilling and at all times dreamlike. 

And when you wake from your dream, and rejoin the initial party of 15, you’re so sad it’s over. An incredibly intimate performance, no two guest leave with the same experience. It’s a dream you hope to have again. 

“You come highly recommended.” the Hatter tells me as I follow her, my arms filled with fabric. I’m glad I was. Then She Fell is certainly one of the best shows I experienced this year and although shows are sold out until weeks into the next year, I hope to return again.

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“Hello Dorothy, Say Hello to Florence and Henry for me. I am having a swell time out here. The food is palatable, the music is danceable, and the people are sociable. Add it all up - it equals FUN! Regards, Rose”
Acra, New York 
Postmarked 1956 

This postcard is addressed to Ohrbach’s, the now long-gone department store. 

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